• Emergency drill held at Rollins College in Winter Park


    WINTER PARK, Fla. - A full-scale emergency drill with armed police officers was held at Rollins College in Winter Park Wednesday to make sure the campus is ready for a real emergency.

    Police used crime scene tape to surround the buildings.

    The scenario involved an active shooter on campus, who shot students close to Busch Hall on the campus of Rollins College.

    The shooter injured several people in at least three buildings.

    Agencies such as the Winter Park Police department and fire departments responded to the drill. Some streets were closed during the three-hour drill, but classes were still held during the training exercise.

    "Even the most prepared training scenarios there's always something to learn, either planning wise or communication," said "Jamie Joyce of the Winter Park Police Department.

    A debriefing is being held to check response times for different agencies and how the agencies communicated.

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