• Employment initiative in place for Puerto Rico's, Caribbean islands' evacuees


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Resource Employment Solutions developed a program to provide jobs for families from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands who were affected by Hurricane Maria, officials said Tuesday.  


    The program includes opportunities for temporary and full-time employment, as well as relocation assistance.


    The National Puerto Rican Leadership Council Education Fund joined forces with Resource Employment Solutions to meet relocating families with immediate employment when they arrive on the U.S. mainland.


    “We could no longer stand idly by with our hands crossed, watching the news and seeing the suffering in our people’s faces,” said Eddy Dominguez of Resource Employment Solutions. “We wanted to make sure that anyone displaced by the hurricanes could secure a financial means to support their family long-term.”


    Job applicants can apply here: www.resourceemployment.com/candidate


    “We are working around the clock, looking for all kinds of help to alleviate the suffering of our people on the island,” said Carlos Guzman of the National Puerto Rican Leadership Council Education Fund.



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