• Old Spike Lee tweet of Zimmerman address resurfaces; Family in fear


    SANFORD, Fla. - The George Zimmerman trial has triggered police patrols in one Sanford neighborhood.

    An address originally shared on Twitter more than a year ago by movie director Spike Lee is being re-tweeted hundreds of times as belonging to Zimmerman.

    The address is one again making its rounds on the Internet, but authorities said it is not Zimmerman's address.

    The family who lives there said they're worried that now that their address is on the blogs, someone with an extreme view of the trial will come after them.

    Sanford police are parked outside of the home, watching it closely after an online rumor started circulating once again this week that it was home to the man accused of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

    "Apparently someone had put out through social media on Twitter that these homeowners had some type of affiliation with George Zimmerman," said Ronny Neal with Sanford police.

    WFTV found the address has been posted countless times on Twitter and Facebook.

    Family members were too afraid to talk on camera but said threats got so bad the first time their address was posted, they had to stay elsewhere.

    Police said just yesterday, someone had a pizza delivered to the home that the family didn't order. The name on the order was "Zimmerman."

    Police are worried a prank like that could turn into something more serious.

    "They are deeply concerned about it and they just want to make sure no one thinks they are affiliated with that or have any problems," Neal said.

    Some of the messages posted online do have a threatening tone, stating that Zimmerman was going to "learn today."

    Other messages urge reposting, spreading the misinformation even more.

    "We just want to make sure nobody does anything based on what's being said on Twitter or any of the blogs," Neal said.

    WFTV checked, and some people are trying to stop the misinformation on Twitter but there are so many people re-tweeting the wrong address, they can't keep up.

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    Old Spike Lee tweet of Zimmerman address resurfaces; Family in fear