• FDLE: Another victim of wig-wearing child predator suspect comes forward


    ORLANDO, Fla. - State agents who have been working to identify and find children who they said were tricked into sex by a 23-year-old Seminole County man said another victim has come forward.

    State agents said Jordan Wagner was talking to at least 36 different children online looking for sex.  

    Agents said he wore a wig to make himself look like he was 16.

    "It could be dozens of dozens of victims," Jeff Duncan of the FDLE Cyber Task Force said.

    Authorities said Wednesday another victim has come forward from Orange County.

    Wagner's mother told Eyewitness News over the phone that "he fooled everybody" around him.

    For the first time since his third arrest, she spoke with Eyewitness News over the phone on the condition that her name remain undisclosed.

    In a candid and unrecorded conversation, she said Wagner was a security guard who worked overnight.

    She said his family had no idea he was also allegedly trolling for kids in their home.

    "Which means he is actually utilizing these chat rooms to send images, naked images, of himself to juveniles around the state," Duncan said.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said it's identified three victims in central Florida so far, including one 12-year-old in Orange County Wednesday.

    Wagner's mother called her son "very intelligent" and just thought he was hacking on his computer.

    She said at the age of 10, he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a high-function form of autism.

    She said he would often go off his medications, snap at and get violent with his mother and brother.

    Wagner's mother said he doesn't understand the consequences of his actions and said she had no clue "this side of Jordan" was even there.

    Investigators said it will take an exhaustive search to find the dozens of victims Wagner found online.

    They said Wagner's reach could stretch across the state and his predatory behavior dates back at least three years.

    "Since 2010, Mr. Wagner had been downloading child porn as well as utilizing messenger services or chat rooms within the internet to contact juveniles to engage in sexual activity," Duncan said.

    His three arrests in the last three weeks include charges of downloading child porn, trying to find teens online for sex, sharing nude pictures of himself and actually traveling to Marion County to have sex with a 13-year-old.

    Investigators said he did much of that using a picture wearing a wig to trick and lure his victims.

    "A wig Mr. Wagner uses to portray himself as being a 16-year-old to engage in conversation with 12-, 13-year-old females," Duncan said.

    State agents said they hope children and parents see these pictures and come forward if they've encountered Wagner.

    Investigators said they'll also be hitting the same chat rooms and social media sites Wagner did to also find victims.

    Wagner is in the Seminole County Jail on $220,000 bail.

    "The problem is, we're dealing with children who shouldn't be online in the first place and with those children being online, it's hard to do investigative research to find them," Duncan said.

    That's why authorities want parents to take a good, hard look at the new photo to try to find more possible victims.

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    FDLE: Another victim of wig-wearing child predator suspect comes forward