• Fliers supporting KKK distributed in Port Orange neighborhood

    By: Janine Reyes


    PORT ORANGE, Fla. - Jane Sciortino was walking in her Port Orange neighborhood when she discovered fliers supporting the Ku Klux Klan in her and her neighbors’ driveways. 

    “On God's day to see this hatred, it just really disturbed me this morning,” she said. 

    The flier promoting the KKK suggests people “support the white revolution.” 

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    “Stay out of my neighborhood; stay out of the city of Port Orange; stay out of here,” said Sciortino. 

    She took to Facebook to voice her disgust, catching the attention of Port Orange Mayor Don Burnette. 

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    “My sister is married to a black man. I have three nieces who are biracial. I have a great niece married to another black man and it's, yes, my family. And it scares me for them,” she said. 

    Burnette said he is not sure if Port Orange Police can do anything about the fliers—but he says the information will be sent to a national database. 

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    Similar fliers bearing the same phone number went out in Ormond Beach in Sept. 

    No one answered when Channel 9 called the number last month, but a lengthy recording played which referenced the violence in Charlottesville, white power and the KKK.

    The phone message Sunday discusses the Las Vegas shooting and gun rights. 

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    Burnette and Sciortino said even if the culprit cannot be caught, it’s more important now more than ever to report anything that makes one feel uncomfortable. 

    “It’s absolutely not welcome here, and if you see something, please, report it and let your neighbors know as well,” said Burnette. 

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