• George Zimmerman audio samples given to investigators released


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV received voice samples that George Zimmerman provided investigators in order to determine who was yelling for help on a 911 call made the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed.

    Zimmerman is in jail on second-degree murder charges in Martin's shooting death.

    In the audio sample, Zimmerman screams, "Help! Help! Help! Help!"

    Zimmerman claims that he was yelling that night.

    The FBI couldn't confirm that.

    Sanford police detectives said they believe Martin knew Zimmerman was watching him because Zimmerman told police that Martin approached him as he sat parked at the clubhouse inside his gated community.

    During an interview with Zimmerman, investigators asked him, "I'm still not understanding. When he walked up to your car, why didn't you say anything to him?"

    "I guess fear. I didn't want to confront him," Zimmerman said.

    Zimmerman said he was scared, but the lead investigator, Chris Serino, questioned why he continued to follow Martin and then got out of his truck.

    Serino asked Zimmerman, "So you basically jumped out of the car to see where he's going?"

    "Yes, sir," Zimmerman replied.

    "That's not fear, that's one of the problems I have with the whole thing," said Serino.

    But that contradicts an earlier statement Zimmerman gave to police when he told them he got out of his truck to find a street sign for the dispatcher.

    "You're a part of the homeowner's association? Are you head of the neighborhood watch?" Serino asked.

    "Yes, sir," Zimmerman said.

    "Once again, something else I got to try to explain away. How do you not know the three streets in your neighborhood, and you been living there three years?" Serino asked.

    Zimmerman never gave the dispatcher the street name, but said he walked back to his truck and agreed to meet police at the community mailboxes. However, he suddenly changed his mind.

    "Actually, could you have him, could you have him call me and I'll tell him where I'm at? Zimmerman told the dispatcher.

    WFTV learned that after Zimmerman hung up with the dispatcher, only a minute passed before someone called to report screams in the neighborhood.

    Also, less than a minute after that call, Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest.

    "The impression would be that you're just going to continue to look, and when they get here you'll just tell them where you're at," a detective said in the interview.

    At that point, Zimmerman told police he couldn't remember some things because he has ADHD.

    But detectives also questioned Zimmerman's cries for help.

    During a video reenactment, Zimmerman told investigators that Martin's hand was over Zimmerman's mouth.

    But investigators said, in that case, Zimmerman couldn't have yelled for help.     

    Serino asked for reassignment on Tuesday, away from Zimmerman's case.

    In the meantime, Zimmerman is asking the judge to allow him to wear a suit during his second bond hearing set for Friday.

    In a motion filed on Wednesday, his lawyer asked that he not be shackled for court and be allowed to wear street clothes.



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