• High school student upset after being forced to remove condom wrapper costume


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County high school student said he was forced to remove a condom wrapper costume he wore for the school's character day.

    Jack Englund told Channel 9 his costume promoted safe sex and he was surprised he was forced to take it off.

    "I got to class, first period, and the teacher told me to go to the administration office," said Englund. "I was told to take it off and leave it there for the day."

    He said his costume was for character day, which is part of spirit week at Dr. Phillips High School.

    "I just feel like school uses their authority over the students that go there to only allow what messages they want to get out," said Englund.

    First amendment attorney Larry Walters said the incident raises some red flags.

    "There's certainly a first amendment issue here. There is a right to express yourself, even as a student," said Walters. "Students don't leave their first amendment rights at the schoolhouse door."

    The school district code of conduct prohibits clothing that displays or suggests sexual, vulgar, drug or alcohol related wording or graphics that may provoke disruption in school.

    "The actual makeup of the costume itself did not appear to be lewd, as most people would understand that term and as the courts have interpreted that term," said Walters.

    Englund said wants an apology and hopes the school administators will be more open minded in the future.

    "If the school were allow me to wear it again for the day, I would love to," said Englund.

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    High school student upset after being forced to remove condom wrapper costume