20 people on board as hot air balloon lands on I-4 ramp near Champion's Gate

A hot air balloon landed on an Interstate 4 ramp near Champion’s Gate Friday at the Osceola-Polk County line.
There were 20 people on board at the time, the Florida Highway Patrol said. 
Witnesses said people inside the basket were waving as cars drove by. 
A driver at the scene told Channel 9 that crew members had to push the balloon onto the median at the SR-532 east entrance ramp to I-4.
The balloon operator, Patrick Schmitt, 55, told troopers he made an emergency landing after the balloon was blown off course due to high winds. The company said Schmitt is one of its most experienced pilots. 

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — The owner of the company said three balloons were launched, but this was the only one that went off course.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.  
No one was injured.
Orlando Balloon Rides is making arrangements to get the people back to the liftoff site.