Hundreds of Volusia County students unknowingly took wrong AP exam

VIDEO: Findings on why hundreds of Mainland high school students unknowingly took last year's AP exam

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — The Volusia County school district could release its findings next week on why hundreds of Mainland High School students unknowingly took last year's AP exam instead of this year's.

A report claims less than a quarter of the over 400 students tested got this year's exam.

The rest were given an old test because the principal said the new one was too expensive.

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The mother of a Mainland High School student said the school should have been upfront about not giving everyone the real test.

She said her son poured all his efforts into the test because he thought he could earn college credit.

When the students found out that may not be true, they felt disappointed and deceived, the mother said.

Destin Dasher said he put everything into getting himself ready for his freshman AP exam at the end of the school year, and so did Mainland High School, which pushed the course with a promotional video.

Dasher said the class took priority over all else -- athletics, friends and even other courses.

“They were basically encouraging us to the fullest to take this test serious, try your best, it's going to go toward college,” Dasher said.

A Department of Education investigation shows only 78 of the 414 freshmen took the actual test.

No one knew who had what test until scores were posted this weekend.

Dasher got the real one but did not want to share his results just yet.

“We are all saying a waste of time because this class was no normal class. It was a lot of work,” Dasher said.

The principal told investigators that students were never told they'd receive college credit.

She said the purpose was to put all the freshmen through a rigorous course to see how they'd do.

She worried that,  if some knew they were not getting the real test, they would not try as hard.

The school district is still investigating exactly what happened and how this plan got approved in the first place.