Hurricane Irma damages Apopka animal rescue center

Several exotic animals in Apopka are in need of help after Hurricane Irma.
The hurricane knocked down trees, power lines and caused other debris at The CARE Foundation along West Ponkan Road in Apopka.
The animals were not hurt, but the non-profit is unable to offer tours or educational shows, so it is unable to raise money for the facility or cleanup efforts. The CARE Foundation is accepting donations for their cleanup efforts and care of the exotic animals.
Officials told Eyewitness News that they worry they might not be able to let the animals out of their cages because of contaminated water.
The CARE Foundation has 200 animals, including pigs, fox, tigers, bears and more.
The cages are locked and officials said they’re not concerned about the cages getting open.
Crews are using drones to assess the damage at the facility.
Tornado Does Major Damage During Hurricane Irma

This is the first of three videos that our director, Christin Burford, took the morning after Hurricane Irma. She described both how lucky we were that all of our staff and animals are safe, but you can see how devastating the damage was to our property. We still do not have power but major clean up efforts have been made, which we will post later this week. We are not currently able to offer tours or educational shows, so we are unable to raise much money at the moment. Any donations would be a huge help. You can click on our donation button here on Facebook, or go to our website www.thecarefoundation.org/contribute to help.

Posted by The CARE Foundation on Monday, September 18, 2017
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