• Judge Belvin Perry could be next TV judge


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Cameras in the courtroom made him a star during the Casey Anthony trial.

    Now, Judge Belvin Perry could be headed to syndicated television.

    The Orange County chief judge who presided over the Casey Anthony trial may be in talks to do a television show.

    People around the world got to know Perry and his no-nonsense style during the trial.

    The criminal court judge could be the next television judge.

    In a tweet, the ninth judicial circuit wrote: Confirmation. Judge Perry is exploring his options, including TV judge shows.

    "Since the end of the trial, a number of people have approached me about doing this," Perry told Eyewitness News Monday.

    Producer Jim Lichtenstein said he's working with Perry to put together a show in a format similar to the "Judge Judy" show, where Perry would oversee a small-claims courtroom in Los Angeles.

    Lichtenstein said interest in TV judges was waning until the Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman trials.

    The producer said as of now, no production firm has agreed to buy the rights to a "Judge Perry" television show, but serious talks continue.

    "It's an option that's out there and I would be foolish not to look at it and see whether or not it's a viable option," Perry said.

    Perry has been a circuit judge since 1989.

    He said he plans to retire in July of 2015 when his term as chief judge expires.

    A show would require roughly 40 days of production per year.

    Like the trial he presided over, Perry appreciates the audience and opportunity to educate those who tune it.

    That education, he said, would be, "To provide 1) entertainment and 2) to provide the same insight as to how the law operates," Perry said.

    If he's as successful as other TV judges, his salary would be in the millions.

    The judge hasn't signed a contract.

     After he leaves the bench, Perry said if he doesn't pursue a television show, he'll practice personal injury law or continue his passion of nurturing children.

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