Video shows Lake County inmate minutes after corrections officers allegedly beat him up

9 Investigates has discovered a new video showing an inmate just minutes after corrections officers allegedly beat him up.

The officers denied using excessive force but have since been fired and charged with felonies.

In a video from July, Capt. Milton Gass, of Lake Correctional Institution, can be heard yelling orders at an inmate who’s on the shower floor.

“Do not move! I want you to sit up! Sit up!” Gass said.

The Inspector General’s Office of the Florida Department of Corrections said the inmate is Otis Miller.

According to an investigative report, a nurse who was not seen on camera described Miller as “slumped over” and said he “did not appear to be conscious.”

Investigators said you can clearly see someone repeatedly punching Miller in the video, but officers denied doing so.

Investigators referred back to the officers’ 20-minute post-incident video.

The side of Miller’s face can only be seen for two seconds, but investigators say it’s enough.

They said staff did not take any of their own photos of Miller’s swollen face.

A nurse told investigators the officers instead “exchanged hand slaps and high fives” after the incident.

In the end, Gass was fired and arrested on suspicion of putting Miller in a chokehold and for trying to cover up the incident.

Officers Joshua Petersilge, Ian Gretka and Hunter Lingo were also fired and arrested on suspicion of battery.

Miller admitted officers chased him down because he ran when they wanted to search him.

Miller said he had cigarettes on him.

The former officers have all pleaded not guilty.