• Lawsuit filed after popular Flagler restaurant accused of firing pregnant women


    FLAGLER BEACH, Fla. - A Popular Flagler Beach restaurant The Golden Lion is facing a lawsuit that alleges they fired a women for being pregnant.

    Attorney Kelly Chanfrou filed the lawsuit on behalf of Julio Canizales, a former Hispanic manager who she said blew the whistle and was harassed for it.

    The lawsuit, filed Thursday, states that when Canizales complained about one woman being fired for her pregnancy, an owner said she "was not going to pay unemployment to this pregnant woman, that's what welfare is for."

    "When a woman is fired like this because she is pregnant, you are taking away her life," said Chanfrou. "She is not going to be able to support herself and most likely, because she is showing, she may not be able to get another job elsewhere."

    The suit also states that Canizales was belittled and humiliated for the complaint.

    "His English was made fun of, as well as his writing skills after he complained about the violation of the law," said Chanfrou. "He was very proud of his job at The Golden Lion before this all happened. He was a very good manager, and this has substantially changed his life."

    Channel 9 went to The Golden Lion where a current manager had no idea about the lawsuit but said he would contact the restaurant owners.

    The same attorneys filing this lawsuit told Eyewitness News they were able to resolves a complaint from a pregnant woman who worked at The Golden Lion, but the manaer whosays he was forced out over this is seeking pay and other damages.

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    Lawsuit filed after popular Flagler restaurant accused of firing pregnant women