• Learn the secret to how you can fight red light camera tickets and win


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Thousands of people have been caught running red lights, later getting a $158 ticket in the mail. But new numbers from across the state show a majority of drivers who have challenged the tickets actually got them dismissed.

    More than 20,000 Floridians took a chance at paying a higher fine of $262 by challenging the ticket in court, and 70 percent of those won their case.

    Attorneys at the Ticket Clinic in Orlando have handled up to 1,000 red light camera cases in the last two  years.

    When asked how many times he wins, attorney Matthew Aungst said, “Every time.”

    Aungst showed WFTV a court docket regarding red light tickets in the city of Orlando.

    “This is 47 names on this particular day, and all these cases were dismissed,” Aungst said.

    Attorneys are finding one of the reasons the tickets are getting tossed is because the video recorded at the intersection can't even be submitted in court as evidence.

    Attorneys told WFTV the reason why deals with the fact that the video can't be authenticated by a witness, like an officer who  actually saw the driver run the red light.

    So, for all the cases Aungst’s has handled, the tickets get thrown out.

    “Because those evidentiary rules apply to every case, it makes it easier on the court system to just handle it in  bulk,” he said.

    And with attorney fees less than $90, it could be beneficial for most people who received the tickets.

    Local attorneys told WFTV they expect to handle more red light camera tickets this year, especially after Orange County installs 40 more cameras before the end of 2013.

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    Learn the secret to how you can fight red light camera tickets and win