Markeith Loyd Trial Timeline: Day 10

During his testimony, the defense questioned him about his criminal history, his Facebook page, and his debt.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Markeith Loyd is on trial in Orange County facing a first-degree murder charge in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon.

Prosecutors said Loyd killed Dixon in 2016, and, a month later, he shot Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton to death to avoid capture.

The current trial is only for Dixon's killing.

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11:30 a.m.

Court is done for the day. It resumes Monday morning at 9.

11:00 a.m.

Richard Ruth, who worked for FDLE as a laboratory analyst for firearms during the shootings, was the last witness of the day. He told the jury about how he determines a bullet is fired from a specific gun.

Ruth held the gun found in the yard of Sade Dixon's house. This is the gun Dixon had at the time of her death. He said no rounds from the scene were matched to the gun. This means she never fired her gun.

Buxman provided Ruth the handgun investigators say belonged to Loyd and was found at the scene where he was captured. Buxman asked about casings from the crime scene. Ruth said he believed the cartridge casings found at Dixon's home and at Walmart were fired from the handgun.

10:30 a.m.

Court has taken a 15-minute break. The next witness will be the last witness of the day, but will the testimony is expected to take longer than previous witnesses.

Orange County Sheriff Detective Charles Ashworth testified about capturing Markeith Loyd at the abandoned house where he was hiding following the death of Clayton.

Ashworth was assigned to the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force at the time.

Buxman asked Ashworth if he found a 40-caliber handgun in the front yard of the house, and he said he did.  He said the gun was loaded when he found it.

10:00 a.m.

Karen Livengood testified about processing the Clayton murder scene at Walmart. She is a crime scene investigator with the Orlando Police Department.

"We had law enforcement officers surrounding the area," is how she described her arrival.

Livengood said she found eight  9 mm casings in the area. She said she also found eight 40 mm casings. She said the 9 mm casings would have belonged to Clayton's Police Department-issued weapon. Loyd allegedly had a .40-caliber weapon.

She showed the court where she found the casings on a diagram of the Walmart produced by Assistant State Attorney Rich Buxman.

<p>This diagram was produced by the prosecution for the <span class="wsc-spelling-problem" data-spelling-word="Markeith" data-wsc-lang="en_US">Markeith</span>&nbsp;Loyd Trial, It shows where crime scene investigators found bullet casings in the parking lot of the Walmart where Lt. Debra Clayton died.</p>

This diagram was produced by the prosecution for the Markeith Loyd Trial, It shows where crime scene investigators found bullet casings in the parking lot of the Walmart where Lt. Debra Clayton died.

Livengood said each casing was put in an envelope for identification.

Defense attorney Terry Lenamon asked about a mysterious bullet fragment found "on the other side of the Walmart." He asked why it was not on the diagram. Livengood said another detective found it - so he would have to speak to it.

Buxman did a lengthy redirect pertaining to the location of the bullets that hit the vehicles in the Walmart parking lot, among other things.

9:45 a.m.

The next witness was Brian Striby, a Walmart employee who was at the store the morning of Jan. 9, 2017.

Striby said he was in the parking lot when he heard "the police yelling either 'Stop, stop, stop,' or 'No, no, no.'"  He said he saw Loyd trying to run around a pillar like he was trying to get away from Clayton, but he realized he wasn't going to be able to.

Striby testified Loyd pulled out his gun and started shooting.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Terry Lenamon asked about pending criminal charges Striby was facing at the time. He also asked Striby about his original interview, saying Striby said he thought Clayton fired her gun first.

Striby asked Lenamon from the witness stand, "What do you want from me, man?"

9:30 a.m.

There was an issue with the court reporter that required the court to turn off the microphones. It turns out something was unplugged, but it was quickly resolved.

The first witness was Takeisha Bryant. Her cousin was married to Markeith Loyd. She testified about shopping at Walmart for a jacket for her daughter. She says she saw Loyd in the store and told Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton.

Bryant testified she heard Clayton tell Loyd to get on the ground, but he did not listen. She said both Clayton and Loyd drew their guns, and she got on the ground. She described hearing the "shots back and forth."

There was no cross-examination for this witness.

The witness testified Saturday morning she recognized Loyd while she was shopping for her daughter. She told Clayton he was in the store. She described hearing gun shots after Clayton approached Loyd.

9:00 a.m.

Court opened with arguments from both sides about a juror questioned for lying about her employment and failing to disclose a prior arrest.

The judge decided to remove the juror from the case and replaced her with the first alternate.

The juror being removed is a black woman; the alternate replacing her is a black man. The judge noted the racial makeup of the jury will not be changed but the gender makeup will be.

The judge thanked the excused juror for her service.

8:30 a.m.

Court is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. This will be the second day of testimony. Court is only expected to last half a day and continue Monday.

The jury spent Friday night sequestered.

WFTV reporter Field Sutton will be in court again, reporting on the trial.

This recap focuses on Friday, October 11, 2019.