• Longtime ORMC chaplain in need of heart transplant


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A long-time trauma chaplain at Orlando Regional Medical Center who has been helping people for years now needs some help of his own.

    Chaplain Robert Ousley spent 14 years at ORMC meeting with patients and families in terrible times.  He's dedicated his life to helping others in a medical emergency.

    "I was called to this," he told Channel 9. "The Lord called me to it."

    Now, Ousley's facing a medical emergency of his own. The 61-year-old man needs a heart transplant due to congestive heart failure.

    Ousely said his heart trouble began more than 10 years ago, but doctors have done all they can do. Without a transplant, he will likely die.

    "I'm not angry," said Ousley. "In fact, it's never crossed my mind."

    With medical bills piling up, the chaplain has already sold his wife's car, got rid of cable and cut back on everything to pay for his bills, but it hasn’t been enough. He also set up GoFundMe page to ask for the community's help.

    "I've been humbled," Ousley said. "(I) appreciate the prayers."

    The medical community is responding, and doctors, nurses and staff are donating what they can.

    To donate, visit Ousley's GoFundMe page at GoFundMe.com/7zvmkk.

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    Longtime ORMC chaplain in need of heart transplant