Longwood residents concerned after coyotes attack neighborhood dogs

LONGWOOD, Fla. — Residents in a Longwood neighborhood say coyotes are taking over. They are concerned about their pets and children after two dogs were attacked and bitten and cats have gone missing.

During the day coyotes can be seen coming up to the fences of backyards and staring at dogs. At night you can hear their cries.


“And there’s a lot of them. We hear them all hours of the day and night and we see them. They’re not scared,” said resident Samantha Taylor.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website, the agency does not remove coyotes, writing that it’s an ineffective means to control their population. FWC recommends scaring the coyotes by waving your arms and yelling to make them uncomfortable and force them to move on to another area.

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Trapper Joshua Morera, who owns Spartan Wildlife Removal in Casselberry, saw Taylor’s story and offered up his services to help.

“Usually I would charge but in this situation, I’m not going to. There’s been dogs that got bit, you know there are kids here, there are families here that are concerned. Cat went missing, unfortunately,” Morera said.

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Morera said the neighborhood is overrun by the coyotes. He found at least 15 dens so far.

“I know there are animal lovers out there, but you can’t save every animal. It’s either us or your family or the animals. Unfortunately, with coyotes, the state law is we have to euthanize,” Morera said.

Morera said once they get rid of all the coyotes here they will destroy the dens to ensure other packs don’t take up residence here.

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