• Lynx riders to get Link 55 back, but won't be fully serviced


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A Lake County bus route that Lynx canceled in October will be restored, but some commuters are upset their critical route won't be fully serviced.

    It's been a frustrating four months for passengers that depend on Lynx bus service, particularly those who used Link 55. After making a lot of noise to get their route restored, some said their fight isn't finished.

    Celeste Clifford and fellow Four Corners commuters rallied to get Link 55, which travels from Lake County to Osceola County, restored during the past several months.

    "Been pretty grueling, you live moment to moment," Clifford said.

     Lynx discontinued service to the stop on Highway 27 after the county failed to fund it. Many people who rode Link 55 have been forced to dodge traffic and walk more than two miles to the nearest stop on U.S. 192.

    "There are people who are still doing the walk," Clifford said.

    After months of fighting, a deal was finalized using federal funding to get the route back up and running on Sunday. But people will be picked up every hour and County Commissioner Sean Parks said Lynx didn't hold up their end of the bargain.

    "I'm completely surprised and disappointed. I feel like they're moving the bar on us," Parks said.

    Instead of the 16 agreed upon stops on the route, Lynx is only offering to do nine of them. And with service stopping at 6:30 p.m., several passengers feel like they've only won half the battle.

    "People get home at 7, 8, 9, 10 at night. As a result of that, that's whats hurting us," Clifford said.

    Parks said he plans to get to the bottom of the Link 55 changes.

    "Wasn't there a legal document that put into place an agreement between the county and Lynx?," WFTV reporter Anthony DiLorenzo asked.

    "Absolutely and it was approved by the Lynx board. That's what's surprising to me," Parks said.

    Lynx officials claim the county is getting the amount of service that was paid for and agreed upon.

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    Lynx riders to get Link 55 back, but won't be fully serviced