Man accused of pouring gas on woman, threatening to light her on fire

Video: Woman forced to run to neighbor's after being doused with gasoline and chased with a blow torch

MARION COUNTY, Fla. — A 66-year-old woman described to deputies the moments when she said a man poured gas on her and threatened to light her on fire.

That woman was able to escape, and the suspect, Daniel Jones, was arrested and is facing aggravated assault and battery charges.

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Officials said they do not know why he allegedly threw the gas on the woman and threatened to set her on fire.

Deputies said the woman, whom they are not identifying, is fortunate to be alive.

Investigators said Jones doused her with gas that he got from the victim's front porch.

The victim said the suspect then grabbed a nearby blowtorch.

The victim was able to get to a neighbor's home, called the Marion County Sheriff's Office and reported what happened.

Deputies and even the Sheriff’s Office helicopter responded to the scene on Southeast 128th Place Road in Ocklawaha.

The helicopter crew spotted the suspect in the woods and directed deputies to that location.

When they found the suspect, he was lying on the ground.

"The way he was positioned, as shown in the video, you can’t really see what is behind him or underneath him," said Lauren Lettelier with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies tried to get him to put up his hands and surrender, but they said he ignored all of their commands.

After numerous warnings officials sent a K-9 in to get him to comply, and after a few seconds, the suspect gave up.