• Man ambushed, robbed at Lake Eola


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man said he was ambushed and then robbed on Lake Eola in downtown Orlando Wednesday.

    The incident happened on Osceola Avenue and Central Boulevard late Tuesday night.

    The victim told WFTV reporter Jeff Deal on the phone that he was shocked by the crime.

    "Running around, working out. There's constantly people," said resident Shannon Reilly.

    Reilly has lived near the park for two years, and she said she has never had concerns for her safety.

    "Day or night, I've never really had an issue," she said.

    The victim said he was approached by two men, one of them around 25 years old, wearing an orange shirt and a Miami Hurricanes cap. The man pulled out a gun, he said.

    The second man, around 50 years old, rifled through the victim's wallet, taking cash and credit cards.

    "It surprised me when you told me no because you don't really nothing happen like that at Lake Eola," said resident Malique Warden.

    Warden said what makes it more surprising is the area is busy. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants and upscale bars.

    Business owners on Central told WFTV they rarely have a problem with crime at night. In fact, employees often leave late at night without thinking twice about their safety.

    Residents now say here say the robbery will make them think twice and pay closer attention to who is around them.

    "It's kind of scary, but it makes you (realize) everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings at all times," Reilly said.

    Investigators said they are checking with local businesses to see if surveillance cameras may have captured the incident.

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    Man ambushed, robbed at Lake Eola