• Man describes alligator attack on Seminole river to WFTV


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County man described the terrifying moments he and his brother were attacked by an alligator while tubing down the Little Wekiva River.

    Chris Peck said he was with his older brother tubing on the Little Wekiva River near Longwood on Sunday when the incident happened.

    "This is where we ended up coming in at," Peck explained to Channel 9's Mario Boone.

    Peck said they were having a leisurely ride down the river when his brother spotted the alligator.

    "I hear him yell, 'Gator!'" Peck said. "I hopped out of the water and I felt the gator hit me, and I turned around and saw my brother underneath."

    The alligator bit Peck's brother on his chest and hand, leaving deep puncture wounds. Despite the injuries, the brothers were able to walk to nearby Sanlando Park for help.

    "He was bleeding all over the right side of his chest," Peck said.

    The brothers estimated the alligator to be about 6 or 7 feet long. Peck said he only suffered minor bruising in the attack.

    "The left side of my butt from where the gator smacked me at," Peck said.

    Peck said he won't go tubing in the same area again and he's just thankful his brother is alive.

    "A miracle, that's what happened. He's lucky to be alive right now, same with me," Peck said.

    Officials with Florida Fish and Wildlife said they are investigating the attack. It's unclear if the agency will send a trapper to search for the gator.

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