Man records video of hissing gator in storm drain outside Apopka home

APOPKA, Fla. — A man recorded video of an alligator hissing in the storm drain outside his home in Apopka.

Louis Camacho said that when he went out to get the mail about a month ago, he felt a strong vibration under his feet and thought it was an earthquake.

"I could hear him and feel him. I could feel it under my feet, the vibration," said Camacho.

Camacho said he stepped down to street level and heard a loud hissing sound coming from inside the drain. When he looked inside, he saw the gator with its mouth open.

"It was pretty loud. It definitely got my attention," Camacho said. "I guess (it wanted) to warn me to back off."

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said they've seen gators in gutters, but it's not common and anyone who finds one should call it in.

"Just when you thought you've seen everything," Camacho said in the video.

Camacho said he has seen the gator before around a retention pond behind his house, the same spot where he saw a 300-pound bear. He also caught the bear encounter on video.

"I hear a little noise. I turn around and I see a bear," said Camacho. "Honestly, I love it."

FWC said it will likely have the gator trapped since it’s in a neighborhood.

"I respect nature, you know, and I give it its space and they've given me my space," Camacho said.

Camacho said that when he walks outside, the gator goes under water.

FWC said that's a good sign.

You can watch the video of the gator below. Scroll down further to see the bear video:

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