• Man who exposed self to women could be ‘lurking in backyards,' Melbourne police say

    By: Monique Valdes , Kelly Healey


    MELBOURNE, Fla. - Melbourne police are searching for a man they believe has exposed himself to victims three times over the last several weeks. 

    Police said the incidents were reported between Aug. 31 and Sept. 19 near Babcock Street north of Nasa Boulevard, close to the Indian River Bluffs neighborhoods.  

    Deputies released a composite sketch of the man they are looking for.

    I'm worried, because there's other people around here. There are kids, there's a lot of families that are around here,” said resident Bobby Barwick.

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    The first indecent exposure incident was reported Aug. 31 on South Harbor City Boulevard. Another indecent exposure report was made on Sept. 15 on Bluff Terrace, and a third was made Sept. 19 on Audubon Drive. 

    Meanwhile, a sexual battery incident was reported on Crescent Drive on Sept. 5. 

    One woman reported that the man approached her and began to perform a sex act, police said.

    "(He could be) lurking in backyards. We had one where the perpetrator was in the backyard seen by the homeowner, and another one where the perpetrator came through the back door," Scott Mostert with the Melbourne Police Department said.


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    Police are asking residents to take precautionary and common-sense measures, such as locking doors and not walking alone.


    "They do seem like they are related, and the descriptions are similar to one another," Mostert said.


    Residents are urged to call police if they see anything suspicious in the area.

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