• Mansions in high demand in Volusia County


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV has learned that million-dollar mansions are in high demand in Volusia County.

    On Thursday, Channel 9's Blaine Tolison toured a 6,000-square-foot home that's for sale in the lucrative Spruce Creek Fly-In community in Port Orange.

    Nearly two dozen people are on a list looking to buy high-priced homes, but those lavish properties are becoming harder to find in Volusia County.

    Inside one Spruce Creek Fly-In mansion, the ceilings were 20- feet high and the home was filled with exquisite décor, Tolison said.

    One staircase was made of solid mahogany, while others were made of exotic tropical hardwood.

    Realtor Carlos Bravo said there aren't many homes like it in Volusia County.

    Bravo said the home has a $120,000 kitchen, and he believes it will be sold in a month or so for $1.2 million.

    "We have, right now, a waiting list of about 23 million-plus buyers that are actively looking for a cash purchase," Bravo said.

    Bravo said he believes the demand is high because builders are less willing to build big. He said he waited years to buy, fix and sell the 20-year-old home.

    "When customers come to me, which we have a lot of them that come from all over the world, and looking for brand new products and often, there's not such a thing unless we make it," said Bravo.

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    Mansions in high demand in Volusia County