• Marion homeowners say construction causing flooding on their properties


    OCALA, Fla. - Some Ocala homeowners said they have to use a boat to leave their homes because of flooding from a nearby construction project.

    The project includes the installation of three storm water ponds along Northwest 100th Street, where there is no storm water management system.

    James Strickland said he and his wife were shocked to come home and find his driveway underwater.

    "The water was coming over the back bed of my flat bed and I actually had to speed up because the water was filling the cab up," Strickland said.

    The flooding has forced the homeowners to park their cars down the road and buy boats to transport their families.

    "We had to get two boats, his and hers. With my wife taking me to and from all the time, plus the kids, it was making it crazy," Strickland said.

    Strickland blames the flooding on the construction across the street, which is being done by Marion County.

    The county said an increase in rain the past few weeks has led to the flooding and it's not caused by the construction.

    "I've gone over and tried to talking to them and every one of them on the other side that we have tried talking to, they all say they know this is a problem that they caused," Strickland said.

    Strickland said the county advised him to work out a deal with neighbors until the issue is resolved.

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    Marion homeowners say construction causing flooding on their properties