• Marion school board member goes off on odd monologue


    MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The Marion County school board meeting took an unusual turn this week when a board member suddenly started talking into the camera about terrorism and uncovering some sort of conspiracy.

    Vice chair Angie Boynton's comments were certainly cryptic and highly unusual and none of her fellow board members had any idea what she was talking about but they are concerned.

    Boynton made the statements at the end of the meeting, a time when members routinely make statements about district business.

    "There is someone watching this television show tonight that would like me to respond to questions for them," she said.

    For five minutes, Boynton described breaking a code related to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, contacting then-President George W. Bush and speaking about Islam and a man named Ahmed.

    "You don't have my daughter hostage.  She is safe," said Boynton. "And I will say, I think it was quite rude to threaten me."

    Fellow board members sat in what some described as stunned silence.

    "In terms of me having an opinion about what happened, Angie is our biggest concern," said school board chair Bobby James.

    Parents said they, too, are concerned.

    "A school board meeting is supposed to be about schools and the students, not about the president or anything like that unless it directory involves school systems," said parent Shannan Page.

    A call to Boynton's home on Thursday was not returned. James said he spoke with Boynton , who told him she's working through her issues.

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    Marion school board member goes off on odd monologue