Mother, daughter accused of operating unlicensed Marion County daycare

Investigators say parents sent their children to a house in Marion County since 2009, believing it was a licensed daycare.

MARION COUNTY, Fla. — Two women were arrested and jailed after officials said they illegally operated a daycare since 2009 inside their Dunnellon home.

The daycare didn't catch the attention of investigators until a 2-year-old girl broke her leg there in January.

Parents said they had no idea Elizabeth Brown and Elizabeth Love were running a daycare that wasn't legit.

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"The parents were misled," said Marion County PIO Lauren Lettelier. "They had a child that was injured on the property under their care and that is how the investigation got started."

Investigators discovered Brown Family Home Daycare didn't have a license when they were trying to determine if the child's injury was due to negligence or abuse.

Investigators obtained statements from seven parents who had children attending the daycare. The parents said they were under the impression the facility was compliant with all state rules and regulations.

"Most of the parents of the children who were attending this daycare didn't know that it wasn't licensed," said Lettelier. "They were under the impression that it was."

Deputies have yet to determine what led to the child's injuries.

Brown and Love face misdemeanor charges and have been released on bond.