• Sanford mechanic credited with saving motorcyclist's life after crash


    SANFORD, Fla. - A Sanford mechanic is being credited with saving a motorcyclist’s life after the man was struck by a car on Tuesday.

    Witnesses said Jeffrey Knox had slowed down for a red light at the intersection of Mellonville and Celery avenues in Sanford when a SUV slammed into it, dragging Knox under the vehicle.

    Authorities said the driver of the SUV was going about 30 mph when the accident happened.

    The accident happened in front of SG&K’s Auto Repair Shop.  Mechanic Kenneth Meyers immediately ran over to the wreckage and used a jack to lift the car of Knox.

    “He said, ‘Please get this off of me,’ so we did,” said Meyers. “(We) pulled the jack over and put it under the car and lifted it up, and it still wouldn't lift it up quite high enough. (We) had to run back and grab a block of wood and a jack stand and hold the car up and put it up the rest of the way.”

    Meyers and crew use jacks every day in the shop, but none had ever had to use it to save someone’s life.

    “This is the first time I've ever seen a car sitting on top of somebody,” he said.

    Knox was flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center where family members told Channel 9 he's expected to recover.

    When asked if he thought he saved Knox’s life, Meyers said, “I probably helped him a little bit but I think anybody would've done it if they had a jack.”

    Sanford police said they’re nominating Meyers for a city award.

    There is no word on whether the driver will face any charges.

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    Sanford mechanic credited with saving motorcyclist's life after crash