Mount Dora mural of 'Starry Night' must be painted solid color within 30 days

Video: Mount Dora homeowner lost her case to keep classic art work painted on her home
A homeowner in Mount Dora will have to paint over a “Starry Night” mural on the wall of the outside of her home.
Nancy Nimhauser was originally cited for the painting when the city deemed it as graffiti.
During a hearing Friday the city withdrew that violation, but still maintained it sees the entire painting as a "sign" which violates zoning for that area.
A magistrate judge also determined what he called a “nonconforming” sign could affect roadway safety.
The homeowner's attorney, James Homich, pointed out the city's inconsistencies throughout the case, including the fact the code enforcement officer said there is no city ordinance that dictates the colors an owner can paint a home.
“Now we’re going to regulate aesthetics, which there’s nothing in the code that regulates aesthetics in any manner,” said Homich.
The wall must be painted a solid color within 30 days.
The homeowner's attorney said after the ruling that he was not surprised by the decision, because the magistrate us assigned by the city.
He plans to appeal the decision to the circuit court.