• New photos of Casey Anthony released


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - New pictures of Casey Anthony have surfaced online.

    They were released a day after a video diary of Casey hit the Internet.

    There were six new pictures posted on the tabloid website "Radar-Online."

    The pictures show a relaxed Casey.





    One picture shows her sprawled out on the floor, wearing brown boots surrounded by luggage and other belongings.

    The others are close-up photos of Casey in different poses and outfits.

    The photos seemed to be linked to the video that her attorneys called part of her private notes and memoirs.

    The video and photos have the same red writing across the front.

    In the video, Casey said she bought the computer herself and the video was from October, even though Casey told the state she had no income.

    Casey remains on probation and must report once a month. Although the state is keeping her location a secret for her safety following her acquittal in the murder of her daughter Caylee, Casey hinted that she was hoping to be released from probation early. She said it may be as early as next month, even though her probation is set to run into the summer.

    Casey's attorneys told WFTV she didn't authorize the video to be released and doesn't know how the video was taken from her computer.

    Thursday was the deadline for Casey to report to probation for this month.

    The Department of Corrections said it doesn't know if she met that deadline.

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    New photos of Casey Anthony released