Officer uses Taser to break up fight at Apopka school

APOPKA, Fla. — There are new questions over how a school resource officer handled a fight at an Orange County middle school.

Channel 9’s Ty Russell found out the officer used a Taser on one of the students at Wolf Lake Middle School in Apopka.

Apopka police are standing by the officer’s decision to use the Taser, saying the fight had potential to escalate.

Parents received a recording from the school principal about the incident saying, “When the students refused to stop fighting after verbal commands by law enforcement, they used a Taser gun to stop the fight.”

The students involved in the fight were arrested Monday.

Some students said they are concerned over what type of force is being used by police on campus.

“They’re (the students) are not that strong. You can pull them off of each other,” said student Hamid Amzal.

Russell took students’ concerns about the use of Tasers to the police department.

“I know that that discussion has come up quite a bit. It’s a common and accepted practice throughout the entire state and country,” said Sgt. Edwin Chittenden of the Apopka Police Department.

An arrest report said the officer used a Taser on one student after he couldn’t pull him off another.

The student was shocked in the upper thigh.

The Taser’s probes were never released.

Police do not have video of the incident.

“I don’t think at any point, you should have to (use a Taser) on a child. I believe an adult is strong enough,” said parent Maleah Reed.

Russell reached out to the Orange County School District for comment but didn’t hear back.

Apopka police are still investigating the use of force, but the school resource officer remains on campus on active duty.

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