Officials: 2 ex-Florida Hospital employees stole, sold patient records

ORLANDO, Fla. — Federal investigators said two former Florida Hospital employees stole and sold an unknown number of patient records.

The hospital said it wouldn't comment on the allegations because of a pending lawsuit, but Channel 9's Jeff Deal uncovered a civil lawsuit against the hospital, which is separate from the criminal case, that claims at least 9,000 patients were affected by a data breach.

Two specialists hired to release patients' personal information for medical and business needs are accused of stealing and selling that information.

Tanganica Corbett and Kevin Weaver have been indicted in a federal case.

Records said the activity began in January 2012 and lasted at least two years. Both suspects left their jobs in May 2014.

A civil lawsuit filed in Orange County alleges that two unidentified employees printed portions of medical records of at least 9,000 patients during those same two years.

The suit claims a girl's records and her parents' insurance records were stolen after they visited Florida Hospital Apopka's previous building and Florida Hospital Altamonte.

Her parents received a letter from the hospital about 10 months after the records were exposed, notifying them about the breach and saying that the two employees had been fired.

This isn't the first such case.

Florida Hospital employee Dale Munroe was arrested in 2011 after accessing more than 700,000 patient records. He and others were later convicted and sentenced to prison.

In the latest case, prosecutors said the pair accessed and sold patient records for personal gain with malicious intent.