• OIA chairman not ruling out privatizing airport security over long waits in TSA lines

    By: Shannon Butler


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Recently, officials at Orlando International Airport urged passengers to show up three hours early for some flights due to long waits going through security lines.

    With the holiday season coming up, some airport employees believe wait times could double and for Greater Orlando Aviation Authority chairman Frank Kruppenbacher, that is unacceptable.

    “(I’m) disappointed that we continue to see lines and disappointed I don’t see the kind of happy customer service that we like to see,” he said.

    The Transportation Security Administration currently runs the security lines at Orlando International Airport, but years ago former Congressman John Mica pushed for airports to privatize security.

    While Kruppenbacher did not say he was considering privatization of OIA’s security personnel, he also did not rule out the possibility.

    “The frustration is mounting and while I’m chairman, I’m not going to sit and tolerate it,” he said.

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    When asked about the potential of privatizing security at the airport, he deferred to his staff.

    “I have the best airport staff in the country and when they want to make a recommendation, I will happily accept it and support their recommendation,” he said.

    Orlando Sanford International Airport switched to a private security company in 2015, but since then there have been some breaches, officials said.

    In the first six months after privatizing security at the airport, 9 Investigates discovered that two women were able to bypass security lines by walking through the exit lane.

    In another incident, a passenger was able to take a knife inside a carry-on bag through security and onto a plane.

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