Orange County

Changes coming to this year’s elections in Orange, Osceola counties

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Florida supervisor of elections announced important dates and new changes to this year’s elections in Orange and Osceola counties.

Officials announced a few law changes, including making changes to how far voters are able to campaign from polling centers.

Before, voters were able to campaign 100 feet from polling centers and it has now moved to 150 feet away.

Voters are also now allowed to take pictures inside polling centers.

Officials said if signatures on ballots don’t match what is on file, voters will have two days after the election to turn in a signature cure affidavit, a form that is needed to make sure all votes are counted.

Officials have also changed the sticker that shows voter pride. The sticker now says: “Vote! (I did!)"

Changes to important election dates can be found here.

Karen Parks

Karen Parks,

Karen Parks is a reporter at WFTV.