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Orlando mom on son’s deadly confrontation with Louisiana troopers: ‘They were doing their best to cripple him’

ORLANDO, Fla. — As more police bodycam video raises new questions about the investigation of a 2019 deadly confrontation with Louisiana troopers, the mother of the man who died is speaking with Channel 9 about the pain of that night that hasn’t gone away.

It happened in Monroe, Louisiana on May 10, 2019.

Investigators said Ronald Greene died in a car crash, but the bodycam video shows Green being Tased several times, beaten and dragged.

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Mona Hardin is the mother of Greene, and lives in Orlando.

She said that fateful morning she received a call that her son had died form injuries sustained in a car crash.

It wasn’t until a year and a half later, in September 2020, that state leaders brought her family in to show them bodycam video.

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A recent Associated Press investigation uncovered more video. Last Friday, Louisiana state troopers released nine videos that Hardin said paint a different picture.

“They were doing their best to cripple him before he even got out, so he would be easy bait for what was coming next,” she said. “He didn’t fight, that’s what it shows.”

Hardin is calling her son’s death a cover-up.

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“This has been a grueling, grueling task because we’re not just trying to get state troopers to pay for this for what they’ve done, we’re fighting the whole damn state of Louisiana, and not to mention who else is connected to that.”

Hardin said she is prepared for a fight that she hopes will soon bring her son’s death justice.

Greene’s daughter has filed a lawsuit on behalf of herself and as the personal representative of her father’s estate.

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