Orlando Officer Kevin Valencia responsive, moving to new treatment facility, family says

ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando police officer shot in the line of duty earlier this month is showing signs of improvement.

Officer Kevin Valencia’s wife, Meghan Valencia, said during a news conference at Orlando Police Department headquarters on Wednesday that he remains in a coma but is squeezing people's hands and giving a thumbs-up.

"I know they had said that he was not expected to live, but he actually wasn't, so the fact that he is moving and responding is truly a miracle," she said. "We are very, very thankful for all the prayers and support. I truly believe that helps."

Valencia was transferred from Orlando Regional Medical Center to a facility in Georgia on Thursday.

"You choose to spend the rest of your life with this person," she said. "The idea that that can still happen -- no words can even express how ecstatic I was."

WATCH: Officer Kevin Valencia relocated to Georgia hospital

Valencia has been hospitalized since June 11, when he was shot by Gary Lindsey while responding to a domestic incident that turned into a standoff in which four children were killed, officials said.

Officers said Lindsey shot Valencia through the door of the apartment and killed the four children he was holding hostage.

A funeral service was held at downtown Orlando's St. James Catholic Cathedral last week for the children -- Dove, 1; Aiden, 6; Lillia, 10; and Irayan, 12.

Valencia's squad members will return to duty Wednesday.

"They are doing good," Orlando police Chief John Mina said. "It's important for them to put their uniform back on (and) get back to the job that they love. That's important for the healing process."

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