• Oviedo cop suspended over database searches


    OVIEDO, Fla. - A veteran Oviedo police office is on paid leave after he was caught searching law enforcement databases, looking for a woman he was interested in.

    According to an internal investigation, Sgt. Dwayne Walker entered the Bank of America on Mitchell Hammock Road and flirted with one of the tellers -- even asking for her phone number.

    Reports show the 13-year veteran then sat in his patrol car, in the parking lot, until the bank closed.

    Records show he ran a search for the teller 19 times, including searching for her emergency contact.

    The teller said she was alarmed after she left work and several co-workers called her, because they noticed Walker was following her home but eventually turned off.

    Walker said everything was taken out of context.

    The investigation showed he looked up information for multiple license plates on vehicles parked at the bank.

    When asked about searching for the teller's information nearly two dozen times, he said she cut him a break on a service charge, which is considered a gift he has to legally report.

    According to reports, he then admitted he did it out of curiosity.

    "I would be concerned and scared," said resident Dorothy Johnson.

    Walker was on paid administrative leave Friday, and will be until a hearing to determine what action the department will take next.

    WFTV went to his home, but he didn't answer the door.

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    Oviedo cop suspended over database searches