• Oviedo rooster cooped up after attacking town postmaster


    OVIEDO, Fla. - The city of Oviedo is known, in part, for the chickens that roam the downtown area. Now a rooster from that bunch is in hot water.
    The rooster is off the streets and in confinement after attacking the Oviedo postmaster as she got out of her car in a downtown parking lot.
    The woman was able to block her attacker with her purse, which was damaged. She strained her wrist as she fought off the fowl.
    "If the postmaster is going to be attacked then anybody can be attacked," said Richard Jones, owner of the Oviedo Antique Mall.
    Jones said he once fought off a rooster that attacked a customer.
    "She was bleeding very slowly, but (was) very, very frightened," said Jones.
    "I understand roosters can be kind of irritable, sort of cocky," said one resident.
    Oddly enough the chickens are often seen in the parking lot of Popeyes, a fried chicken franchise.  
    Not everyone sees the chickens as a laughing matter.
    "It's a bad situation. We just can't have that going on," said Jones.
    But even with the rooster's bad behavior, many Oviedo residents are so passionate about the chickens they've stopped in the local animal shelter to check on the rooster as he awaits his journey to a rescue farm.
    "He is being looked after very well," said Oviedo resident Jenny Phillips.  

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