Owner of "I-4 Eyesore" says 16-year project to be completed this year

The owner of the infamous “I-4 Eyesore” said the building will be completed within a year, but some residents are skeptical.

Construction of the half-finished The Majesty Building in Altamonte Springs has been idle for years.

Two years was the original completion estimate when the project began in 2001.

The building, which is the tallest in Seminole County and can be seen from many angles of Altamonte Springs, has become the subject of internet memes, and there's even a Facebook page calling on officials to have the building torn down.

Fun Fact: Babies born when ground was broken are now eligible for their learner's permit.

Posted by Tear Down the I-4 Eyesore on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

“It’s kind of gotten to the point that I don’t see the point anymore,” said resident Chris Kolb.

This month marks 16 years since construction began on The Majesty Building.

In 2001, SuperChannel set out to complete the project using donations only, but it never came to fruition.

According to SuperChannel’s website, the building is going to be an “18 story office, retail and broadcast facility,” that is “designed to serve the business and ministry needs of the Central Florida community.”

“It’s a good location. Obviously, it’s a beautiful building, but the way it’s sitting there, partially developed, it’s an eyesore,” Kolb said.

Altamonte Springs city leaders said the property’s permits and inspections are up to date.

The city manager said they met with Bowers last week and were told that he looks to have the project finished within the next year.

Some said it’s good news, while other just want to see it gone.

“I pass by every day and the glare of the glass kinda hits me in the car,” said resident Maria Lopez.

One man said it’s become part of the city.

“It has a lot to do with Christianity and I think people accept the fact that whether it’s done or not, it represents something,” said resident Ronal Baird.

Channel 9’s Len Kiese called Bowers to see if there was a definitive completion date on the project, but has not heard back.