Pedestrian bridge to cross Kirkman near Universal, light up at night

Construction on a pedestrian bridge to cross Kirkman Road near Universal Orlando is underway—with Orlando officials looking to add some pizazz.

More than 700 people cross the busy intersection at Kirkman Road and Major Boulevard each day.

They cross nine lanes of traffic, dodging about 56,000 cars going 50 miles per hour.

“You just don’t know what to expect from other cars, so you have to be careful about it,” said Kevin Yuda, visiting Orlando from Chicago.

“It’s not good. A lot of cars and you have to wait a lot for the lights to turn,” said Luciano Dick, visiting from Argentina.

Many walk from hotels between I-Drive and Universal’s property.

“It’s like this city is meant for cars, not for people,” said Dick.

Construction at the intersection shows the beginning stages of a pedestrian bridge that will soon take tourists over the top of Kirkman Road.

Funding for the bridge is coming out of the I-4 Ultimate Project.

But the city is working with Universal on the look of the bridge, which will be paid for with Tax Increment Finance funding.

The look will amp up the pedestrian bridge to a more iconic sky-bridge that will also light up at night.

Universal calls it a “welcome statement” to the city and its tourism area.