Petition created to save Constitution Green

ORLANDO, Fla. — An effort is underway to keep Constitution Green park and its massive, old oak tree from being replaced with housing.

The park on South Street and Summerlin Avenue in Thornton Park is privately owned by the Caruso family but has been maintained by the city.

There are several oak trees in the park, one of which is nearly 200 years old.

The Caruso family wants to sell the property and is in talks with a developer.

Orlando District 4 commissioner Patty Sheehan said Constitution Green has been a park since 1987, when the city decided to lease the property in order to stop a developer from replacing it with housing.

Sheehan and the Orange County Soil and Water Supervisor Eric Rollings, have come out against any development on the land.

A Change.org petition was created for residents to make a call to action to save the park.

Officials are also planning a rally for next weekend.

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