• Phone recording shows exchange between Kissimmee officer, accused killer

    By: Jeff Deal , WFTV Web Staff


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - WFTV Channel 9 Eyewitness News has obtained video of an exchange between a Kissimmee police and the man accused of killing him.

    Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard were shot and killed Aug. 18 by accused gunman Everett Miller, Kissimmee police said.

    Timeline: Shootings of Kissimmee police officers

    They were killed while responding to a shots-fired call at Palmway and East Cypress streets, police said.

    “Call your sergeant please, sir. We’re about to put this on Facebook Live. I don’t have to show you my license. I’m not driving. I’m not coming to you. You’re coming to me,” Miller said.

    The exchange was captured on cellphone video by a young man who was asked to leave the scene before any shots were fired.

    There were three people at the scene just before the shooting, police said. Two of them didn't really want to get involved, but one woman went back with investigators to the crime scene and gave them a rundown of what she saw and heard.

    "We was all sitting right here. He's over here talking in Baxter's face like (waves hands,)” said witness Maribel Gonzalez King.

    Gonzalez King said Miller showed up out of nowhere and started yelling at Baxter for bothering her and two men, Justin Hazley and Damion Kinloch.

    When Howard showed up, Gonzalez King said Miller kept saying he was in fear for his life and told the officers he had a gun.

    "That's when sarge (Howard) turns around and says, ‘Y'all go right now. Go, go now, didn't I tell you to go? Go now,’” Gonzalez King said.

    About 15 seconds after the witnesses walked away, they said they heard shots, investigators said.

    "I was going to go through this way when I heard gunshots. I jumped and I ducked down,” Gonzalez King.

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