• A piece of haunted history up for sale in Longwood


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - A 19th century inn, said to be haunted, is up for sale in Longwood. The sellers said they hope that one minor detail won't scare off any potential buyers.

    The Longwood Village Inn was built around 1885 and is considered prime real estate because it's right next to the SunRail station under construction.

    The inn hasn't changed much since its heydays of the late 1800s. Now a for-sale sign sits in front the historic building.

    "We've attracted the new tenants and we are almost a hundred percent full, but with the anticipation of the SunRail there is the opportunity and the interest to go ahead and liquidate the building," said seller Lenny Leyland.

    The 30-room hotel is now an office building and sits directly across the street from the Longwood SunRail station.

    City leaders said it's prime real estate. They said they estimate the city tax base will grow by $600 million after SunRail operations start next year.

    The building's one of the few 19th century buildings in the state and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And it's said to be haunted.

    Legend has it the owner, George Clark, died in the back of the building in 1925. Some believe he and other spirits still roam the halls.

    "You hear the giggles, and I think it's sometimes little kids because it used to be an inn before," said Nancy Melendez, who works in the building.

    "[We hear] tapping on the walls. We'll be just working, regular day, it'd be like 2 in the afternoon, and we'd hear like. 'tap, tap, tap.' It's so weird." said Crystal Peterson, who works in the building.

    The inn has been featured on several paranormal TV shows.

    The sellers hope that is someone interested in turning it back to a bed and breakfast will be willing to pay the $2.2 million asking price.

    Since putting the building on the market a month ago, the sellers said they have received dozens of calls from tourists and paranormal seekers, but only one call from an interested.

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    A piece of haunted history up for sale in Longwood