‘Poozeum’: Prehistoric excrement exhibit coming to Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — Have you ever wondered what the world’s largest fossilized excrement looks like? Maybe not. But the Orlando Science Center is ready to show you anyway.

The museum is unveiling a new “Poozeum” exhibit featuring coprolites, also known as fossilized feces.

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Museum officials said the dozens of prehistoric poop samples come from across the globe and serve as “time capsules” of what ancient animals ate, how they behaved and where they lived.

The display includes Barnum – the Guinness World Record Holder for “world’s largest fossilized excrement from a carnivore,” which the museum said was generously provided by George Frandsen and a very full T. rex.

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If you don’t want to flush away your chance to see the exhibit, it’s on display now at the Orlando Science Center and admission to the Poozeum is included with your entrance ticket.

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