Ready to travel to space? Astronaut training center set to open in Brevard County

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — Have you ever wanted to train to be an astronaut and go to space?


Orbite, a leading space training and operations company, has announced the launch of its comprehensive astronaut training programs, marking a significant milestone in the commercial spaceflight industry.

The company, known for its dedication to developing Astronaut Training and Spaceflight Gateway campuses, has opened pre-booking for its programs and unveiled the exclusive Founders Club.

“We have spent the last two years designing our facilities and developing our astronaut training programs leveraging 60 years of pioneering work done by government space agencies and others to prepare the human mind and body for spaceflight,” said Nicolas Gaume, Executive Chairman of Orbite. “We market tested these programs with an exclusive group of clients and are excited to now make them available to everyone.”

According to a news release, “Orbite’s astronaut training programs are designed to holistically prepare individuals physically, mentally, and spiritually for suborbital and orbital spaceflight missions across all providers.”

“Our initial training programs reflect the available commercial spaceflight options”, said Brienna Rommes, Director of Astronaut Training at Orbite. “At the same time, we are working to design our curriculum and facilities to support the missions of tomorrow, which will include professional astronauts, mission specialists, and career astronauts working in Low Earth Orbit, on the Moon and potentially Mars.”

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Orbite’s initial programs include:

  • Astronaut Orientation – an entry level course for prospective space travelers to learn about the range of stratospheric, sub-orbital and orbital flight options and to experience space training.
  • Suborbital Training – a comprehensive program for prospective sub-orbital participants designed to maximize understanding, safety and enjoyment in space.
  • Orbital Training – a multiweek in-depth program that prepares individuals for living and working in a free-flying spacecraft.

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Orbite CEO Jason Andrews emphasized that the announcement marks just the beginning of their journey. The company plans to collaborate with various spaceflight providers to offer unique experiences and missions for its clients.

The construction of Orbite’s first Astronaut Training and Spaceflight Gateway Campus in Merritt Island is underway and is scheduled to open in 2026.

The first 500 individuals making a fully refundable pre-booking deposit will automatically become members of the exclusive Founders Club. This club grants priority access to a wide range of training programs, special privileges at Orbite’s Spaceflight Gateway campuses, and unique offerings.

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