• Reality Check: Review of Mica's ad attacking Adams' voting record


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The following is a transcript of WFTV political analyst Dr. Rick Foglesong’s “Reality Check” segment that aired on Channel 9 on August 3, 2012.

    One ad has Rep. John Mica attacking opponent Sandy Adams and her voting record.

    Adams believes Mica is misrepresenting her congressional record - this, in a race where both incumbent Republicans are fighting for the same conservative voters.

    It sure upsets a Republican politician these days when someone questions their conservative credentials. Case in point: Sandy Adam's campaign has accused John Mica of "blatantly lying" in his latest ad and called upon him to "pull down his dishonest ad."

    The ad's key allegations flash on screen for about a second. By the way, that's not nice, Mr. Mica. Not if you want viewers to read what you're alleging.

    Freezing one frame, we see the claim that Adams voted six times against cutting the federal budget.

    Well, clear enough on five of these. They were amendments to cut spending from one to six percent on particular bills. The significance is questionable -- none of these amendments passed -- but true enough, Adams voted no and Mica yes.

    It's House Continuing Resolution 34 that provoked Adams' ire. It's the well-known Paul Ryan budget bill, which Adams voted yes on -- along with every other House Republican. The budget would have slashed federal spending, but it died in the Senate.

    Still, there's a nuance worth noting: before the Ryan vote, House members considered an amendment to cut spending even more, an estimated $9 trillion over ten years, with Mica voting aye and Adams nay.

    On this important measure, which nearly passed the house, Mica earns conservative bragging rights over Adams. If only he had correctly identified that vote in his ad. Then, he would have made his point, accurately, and she would have no basis for complaint.

    So my assessment is split. The Mica ad errs in saying Ms. Adams voted against the Ryan budget, but tells the truth in saying that, in the instances mentioned, he voted to cut spending when she did not

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    Reality Check: Review of Mica's ad attacking Adams' voting record

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