• Residents fed up with crime in apartment complex near UCF


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Residents of an apartment complex near the University of Central Florida said they’re living in fear because it has become a hotbed for crime.

    Channel 9 reporter Mario Boone went through a year’s worth of calls and found deputies responded to Marquee apartments on Alafaya Trail about twice a week for robberies and thefts.

    Students said the complex needs to have better security.

    “I know a lot of people are worried about it,” said resident Benjamin Seltzer.

    They’re worried about a spike in violent robberies and other crimes at the complex.

    Boone met one resident who said they always have pepper spray on hand.

    “I just have to switch the button and spray,” said Diamond Cole.

    For the past year, there have been roughly two crimes a week at the complex, sometimes three in one day, according to records.

    “That’s ridiculous. I’m happy I got out. That’s unsafe,” said former resident Ryan Mistick.

    Records show there have been seven cars stolen, 27 apartment burglaries and 30 car burglaries.

    “That’s a longer list than I thought,” said Mistick.

    Students fear they’re targets because they’re known to carry pricey electronics.

    “It could happen to me. Like I said, I work late, I come home late, and I always have to be aware,” Cole said.

    Boone called apartment managers about security but his call wasn’t returned.

    “They don’t have cameras in there and I feel like that’s one of the problems,” said Cole.

    The apartments, which used to be called Sterling Central Apartments, are privately owned and not affiliated with UCF.

    The university issued a statement urging students to be vigilant about their safety and aware of their surroundings.

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