• Rollins College alerts students of four suspicious incidents at parking garage


    WINTER PARK, Fla. - Rollins College officials have sent out an alert notifying students about security enhancements following multiple suspicious incidents at a parking garage.

    According to officials, there have been four reported incidents where men exhibited aggressive behavior towards women walking through the parking garage on Lyman Avenue across from the Rollins College campus. The garage, which is owned by Rollins College, is for public parking, but the top floor is reserved for students.

    One of the women described the incident to Eyewitness News.

    "He said that he had been following me for a long time now," said student Reagan Campbell. "He was very close. Close enough I could feel his breath on me because he's on my shoulder."

    Rollins College has since made security changes, including adding more schools escorts, reviewing safety policies and holding a campus safety meeting. Over the past few years, collge officials said they've installed 24 surveillance cameras and brighter LED lights in the parking garage.

    "I was kind of freaked out," said student Kendal Young. "Winter Park is not exactly a high crime area."

    No one has been arrested in the suspicious incidents and officials said it's believed that multiple men are responsible.

    Email: Rollins College alerts students of suspicious incidents, security enhancements

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