• Roosters, chickens invading downtown Tavares


    TAVARES, Fla. - Some unwanted roosters and chickens have moved into downtown Tavares, ruffling the feathers of city leaders.

    Officials told Channel 9 the birds are unwelcome and they want them trapped and taken away.

    The multimillion-dollar makeover in downtown Tavares was designed to attract visitors, but not the kind that cluck or crow.

    A couple of roosters and several hens moved in a few weeks ago, spending most of their time around City Hall and Wooton Park. 

    City leaders aren't happy as the law prohibits chickens downtown, and workers in the area are upset because some have been chased away after getting too close to their new feathered neighbors.

    Officials want them rounded up and dropped off out in the country.

    "I don't know why.  Where's that place, Winter Garden, Winter Springs, that has chickens running all over the street? Oviedo," said Tavares resident Ken Lang. "They don't do any harm there and the people love them.  The kids love them in the park."

    Lang is always out in his golf cart and said he has crossed paths with the chickens several times.  He said they ought to be viewed as another attraction in the new and improved downtown, but city leaders don't share the same feelings.

    "Not the ambiance we're looking for," said Bill Neron.

    There's a Tavares police officer who is also a licensed animal trapper. It'll be his job to catch the chickens and take them out to the county unharmed.

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    Roosters, chickens invading downtown Tavares