• Sanford RV park residents worry land sale could put them out of homes


    SANFORD, Fla. - Some Sanford residents are worried they'll soon be out of a home.

    The owner of an RV park is trying to sell land to possible developers and that could leave residents looking for a new place to live.

    Eyewitness News at 10's Myrt Price spoke to homeowners at the park.

    Many of the residents thought they would never have to move again, like 77-year-old Paul Bordenkircher.

    They're worried they could soon be forced to move out.

    "When I moved out here, I said I wanted to die in this park. I wanted to live out here until I died," Bordenkircher said.

    Management said the park is going through sales negotiations and if sold everyone will have to go.

    "So they don't know where they're going to go or what they're going to do, and what's going to happen to them," owner Penny Sheipe said.

    "I hate being evicted and that's basically what's happening," Bordenkircher said.

    Some residents live in RVs that have wheels so they can roll out if the place is sold.

    Others live in more permanent structures. If the owner is forced to go, it may be tough for those residents to take their homes with them.

    "I would have to get a house mover to come in and move it for me," Bordenkircher said.

    "Leave it for him to tear down its that simple."

    Officials said if sold, this area will be developed and more than 70 homes will be built here.

    "This is where the developers and builders are looking," Sheipe said.

    Management said if the sale goes through they will give residents three months notice and two months free rent to prepare for the move.

    Bordenkircher doesn't think it's enough.

    "If we are forced out of here, I can't see that two months of free rent is any kind of compensation," Bordenkircher said.

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